Application Software

Application Software is the specific that can do specified application. Application Software is designed to fulfill the requirement to people. Application Software enables a computer to perform a specific task such as handling financial accounting, processing words, preparing exam result, producing bills, manipulating images and videos, etc. Application Software does its tasks with the help of operating system. There are two types of Application Software. They are:
a. Packaged Software
b. Customized or Tailored Software

a. Packaged Software
Packaged Software is the ready made software developed for all general users to perform their generalized tasks. Software companies use to develop packaged software. Some commonly used packages are given below:

Word Processing Software: used for creating documents.
Examples:- MS-Word, Aldus PageMaker, Word Perfect, etc.

Electronic Spreadsheet Software: used for keeping accounts and do calculations.
Examples:- MS-Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, etc

Database Management System Software: used for database management.
Examples:- MS-Access, Dbase, FoxPro, Sybase, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.

Graphics Software: used for creating and manipulating images.
Examples:- CorelDraw, Paintbrush, PhotoShop etc.

Multimedia Software: used for designing multimedia.
Examples:- 3D Max, Maya, Flash, PowerPoint, Windows Media Player, etc.

b. Customized or Tailored Software
Customized or Tailored Software is the application software which is designed to fulfill the specific requirements of an organization, office or individual. Customized or Tailored Software is used for the organization, office or person for whom it is developed. SLC Result Processing Software, Hospital Management Software, School Management Software, Bill Processing Software, Air Ticket Reservation Software, Banking software etc. customized software. Reservation software, Banking software etc. are customized software.

Utility Software
Utility Software is the helpful software that performs specific tasks related to the maintenance of computer hardware and data. Utility Software helps to keep a computer in the smooth functioning condition. Utility Software provides facilities for performing tasks like transferring data and file, recovering lost data and file, searching and removing computer viruses, disk management etc. PC Tools, Download Accelerator (DAP), SplitFile, Anti Viruses, WinZip, WinRaR, Defrag, Norton Disk Doctor (NDD), Register Cleaner, History Cleaner, etc. are some examples of Utility Software.


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