Features of Computer

The features of computer are as follows:

a) High speed: As a computer is an electronic machine, it does calculation at a very fast rate. Computer can even perform difficult calculations speedily than a human being. A computer works on low or high signal of electricity. These two different states of electric signals are represented in a computer by using binary number system. The circuitry of a computer is designed in such a way that electrical signals travel at speed of light, so the processing speed of a computer is high. Computer can process millions of data with in a fraction of second. The speed of a computer is measured in terms of MIPS (Million Instructions per Second).

b) Accuracy: Computers are accurate normally. There is a negligible chance of it making a mistake on its own. The errors or mistakes may occur due to our wrong input. This type of error is referred as Garbage In Garbage Out (GIGO). Although a computer processes the data at a very high speed, it does not make any mistake in the processing. Sometimes due to fault in computer hardware and programs, a computer produces wrong information. This type of error is known as a bug.

c) Storage the capacity: A computer has memory where a great amount of information can be stored (like hard disk, compact disk, digital video disk (DVD) and flash drive). These devices retain data, information and programs as long as desired by the user and can be used whenever required. The storage capacities of such devices are measured in bytes. One byte is the amount of storage needed to store one character. This information can be reclaimed at a lightning speed, whenever we need them.

d) Diligence: As a computer is a machine, it never gets tired of doing jobs. Computer can repeat the same type of job again and again without affecting its speed and accuracy. Since there is no any wearing and tearing parts that each mechanical parts in a computer the accuracy, speed and efficiency of the computer does not decrease even if it works for a long time. Due to this characteristic of a computer, it is also called diligent machine. This capability of computer makes it useful in quality control and process control tasks.

e) Versatility: A computer has the ability to work with other devices and systems like telephone, fax-machine, modems etc. at the same time. Computer has capability of doing various kinds of tasks and can be used for calculation, preparation of document, designing, researching and entertaining. Computer can be even used for transferring E-Mail, E-Fax, messages, and files from one computer to another computer in any place of the world.

f) Automatic: A computer carries out the instructions or operations automatically till it is completed, as it is programmed to do so. Once you have fed instructions to the computer you don’t need to instruct it again and again. It can perform the tasks automatically as instructed by a program.

g) Reliability: A computer does not have any moving parts, so its parts do not wear and tear out. Thus a computer lasts long.


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