Computer has done this and that. Actually this is not the computer which has done this but the user. Despite its various features, a computer does have the following limitations:

a. No Self Intelligence
Today, a computer is able to do a work which is impossible for man. Computers are used to do risky and dangerous work and where sharp actually is needed. But it does not have any intelligence of its own. It works according to the instruction only.

b. No Decision-Making power
Computer cannot take any decision of its own. It does only those tasks which are already instructed to it.

c. No learning power
Computer has no learning power. Once you give instructions to a computer how to perform a task, the very task is cannot perform if you do not give it any instructions for the next time. For example, when you are taught how to solve a problem and it same type of problem is given to you to solve, then you can do it because you have learned how to solve the problem.


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